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bronx tax resolution servicesNavigating through your tax obligations can be overwhelming. If your situation involves fines, penalties, or an IRS audit, the stresses on your plate can multiply. Whether your current tax issues result from a missed deadline, error, or complex personal or business problems, our tax professionals at ASR Accounting & Tax LLC can help!

Since 2005, we have helped countless businesses and individuals manage their tax debt and achieve ongoing compliance. Our team has many years of experience working closely with the IRS, and our skillset includes complete audit representation on your behalf. You can count on us to act as the facilitator between you and the Internal Revenue Service and provide you with practical solutions.

As a full-service firm offering tax services, we enjoy assisting businesses and individual taxpayers throughout the Bronx, Yonkers, Westchester, Queens, and the surrounding New York City communities take back control of their finances. If you are trying to manage considerable tax debt or you have received a notice from the IRS, do not panic! Contact our experts at ASR Accounting & Tax LLC to get the help you need today!

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Personalized Assistance for Tax Problems

help with tax problems in the bronxTaxes are becoming more complex as rules and regulations continue to change. It is not uncommon for busy individuals and business owners to get lost in the complexities of tax liabilities, filings, and timelines. At ASR Accounting & Tax LLC it is our job to understand the tax code, how it operates, and how to use this information to your greatest advantage. By staying informed on federal and state tax policies, we can provide you with the most precise tax resolution assistance possible.

We welcome you to contact us with any concerns and questions, no matter how simple or complex your situation. During consultations, our professionals take time to understand your needs and explain your options for resolving them. We maintain communication with you every step of the way, so you never have to worry about being in the dark.

Common tax problems we help with include:

Audits: Receiving an audit notice from the IRS can mean a lot of things. By working with us, you can rest assured our tax resolution experts will know how to respond. Our team works closely with you when reviewing the notice. We will explain what it means and create a strategy to produce a quick response. As your audit representatives, we work with the IRS directly, so you do not have to.

Back Taxes & Non-Filed Returns: Sometimes, taxes go un-filed or unpaid. This is typically due to confusion rather than deliberate negligence. Our team can help you get caught up with your tax responsibilities with preparation and planning. We can also work out the best way to pay back the IRS without jeopardizing your financial standing now and in the future.

Payroll Tax Issues: Payroll taxes are incredibly complex. Even the simplest errors can lead to hefty fines and penalties that could cripple your business. We apply our expertise to ensure that all your payroll tax information is updated, paid, and filed on time.

Liens & Levies: The IRS can implement several ways to seize your property or funds. A lien is a legal claim issued against your property as payment for owed tax debt. With levies, the Internal Revenue Service can take your property to settle your tax debt. Our professionals work to reduce fines and help you avoid them going forward.

Wage Garnishments: A wage garnishment is when the IRS orders your employer to withhold and send a portion of your paycheck until you resolve your tax debt. Since wage garnishments are the most basic form of an involuntary tax payment plan, we may be able to remove it and come up with a better solution for resolving debt.

How ASR Accounting & Tax LLC Can Help Resolve Your Tax Debt

Whether you need assistance with an audit or paying back what you owe, you should remain calm and act fast. While it may seem like handling these situations on your own is more practical, it is not recommended.

resolve your tax debt in the bronxHanding off your tax problems to trained professionals means you have a real chance at protecting your financial wellbeing and getting back in the IRS' good graces. At ASR Accounting & Tax LLC, we can help you do just that! Our tax resolution services are designed for the unique needs of businesses and individuals looking to come back from tax penalties and debt. We are natural problem solvers, and our professionals enjoy working with you to create practical strategies to reduce the overall balance you owe.

Our tax resolution services include:

Our team reviews all IRS notices to determine the next steps. We evaluate your financial records to determine what type of error is initiating this unwanted attention from the IRS. From there, we recommend and right solution that works best for all parties involved.

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If you are facing significant tax debt, an audit, or wish to understand your obligations, contact ASR Accounting & Tax LLC. Our firm serves individuals and businesses throughout the Bronx, Yonkers, Westchester, Queens, and the surrounding New York City neighborhoods. We also provide IRS audit representation. Call us to schedule your consultation today!

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